The Story of Mr. Trophy LLC

A BRIEF HISTORY… Over 44 years ago, a young man named Joseph “Butch” Surwilo, Jr. followed his entrepreneurial dream of owning his own business.

With the support of his father, Joe Sr., Mr. Trophy & Company was established, in 1963, in his garage.

Butch vowed to run his business with integrity and respect for his customers, his vendors and his employees.

As the years passed, his small company grew and thrived. Today,with his daughter Stephanie by his side, he is proud of Mr. Trophy’s position as a leader in the awards recognition industry.

We have a loyal and satisfied customer base spanning the country and growing every day. We value our reputation for putting the customer first in every area of our operation. We feel that this attitude is one of the most important contributors to our success and to the success of the customers we serve.

This business is family owned and operated. The system of values and beliefs that is instilled in our company policies and our employees’ attitudes remains the greatest asset of Mr. Trophy & Company. Our customers receive the individual attention and respect for detail needed in this industry.

We invite you to enjoy the experience of dealing with a company that still insists on following an old fashioned belief;

“The Customer Is Always Right.”